Over the last 14 years of private and public sector customer engagements,  Mark Fowler and Global Foresight Network have  continuously developed and refined its portfolio of strategic foresight research and facilitation processes.

The following diagram positions how the research and workshop service offerings fit within the strategic foresight framework. Click the graphic below to enlarge it.

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The Foresighter is a customised “intelligence service” designed to help your leaders navigate the realities of accelerating change and disruption.

  • Delivered monthly or bi-monthly as a 20-30 page, high impact report, with a briefing presentation.
  • Will expose your strategy thinking to emerging future shapers, disruptions and new business concepts. 

Benefits of the Foresighter

  • See the future before your competitors.
  • Make sense of new trends, e.g. social; local; mobility; sustainability; resource scarcity
  • Balance the short-term imperative with long term strategic perspective
  • Provoke strategic thinking and discussion within your team
  • Keep up with changing customer preferences
  • See through customers’ eyes
  • Stay up with technology advances
  • Identify important emerging future market dynamics
  • Explore different business models
  • Discover where new value can be created

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Emerging Future Scans are customised research engagements to identify those significant local and global trends, disruptions and uncertainties, which will shape future demand, opportunity and risk for your particular industry, in a specified time horizon – be it three, five or ten years.

The 50-60 page report deliverable is deliberately designed to engage participants in a highly visual format which includes many supporting charts, diagrams, case studies and web links.

Mark Fowler’s previous extensive ‘futuring’ experience is that such Emerging Future Scan reports are the ideal pre-conditioning agent for Anticipation Workshop #1 participants. The scans deliberately challenge existing dominant industry logic and ignite future thinking patterns.

Such scans are not intended to produce the final or comprehensive prioritisation or answers to specific research themes, but rather to provide the framework and idea ‘fuel’ to stimulate the strategic conversation within subsequent group discussion and workshop activities.


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Anticipation Workshop #1. From Think Differently to Future Impacts

The target outcome is for your leadership or innovation team to have:

  • Had their current paradigms challenged and excited,
  • Worked with a range of useful future-oriented strategic thinking models and frameworks,
  • Agreed the priority of future shapers of opportunity and challenge risk for your particular industry, in a specified time horizon.

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Anticipation Workshop #2. Our Preferred Future Scenario

Using the outputs of Anticipation Workshop #1, your leadership team uses scenario techniques to:

  • Develop deep insights about the future of your industry
  • Explore future positioning options for your organisation
  • Reach shared agreement on the preferred future positioning (strategic intent) for your organisation in the specified time horizon.
  • At the same time define the high level target outcomes (objectives) to be achieved to deliver on this strategic intent. 

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Anticipation Workshop #3. Persona Innovation Scenarios

Using the outputs of Anticipation Workshop #1, your innovation team participants use persona scenario techniques to:

  • Create likely lifestyle and work style stories around relevant customer ‘actors’ in specified future time frames.
  • Create, describe and prioritise relevant product, service and experience offerings your organisation could develop to meet the wants of your emerging actor customers.

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