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I am a specialist technology trend research & strategy consultant, and a founding member of the Global Foresight Network (GFN) which is an organisation dedicated to new ways of thinking and leading-edge strategy.

We at GFN believe that the challenges confronting societies and organisations are almost overwhelming. At every turn the news brings new evidence that our current successes are being undermined. In this environment, each of us must start the journey to rethink or re-conceive what we do. What this means is that we must be our own best competitor, and undermine our current successes before someone else does. In this world, speed counts. For some there will be enough time to change slowly or incrementally. For others the change curve will be steeper. The question for each of us is how do we know which change path we need to take, and at what speed?

For the last sixteen years I have worked worked with a broad range of Australasian private and public sector customers. My engagement profile focuses on the facilitation of senior leadership teams to challenge existing thinking patterns, and explore  future strategy choices and options.

My engagement profile is focused on facilitating senior leadership teams through the process of:

  • Thinking differently: Challenging the constraints of the current dominant logic of their industry or sector, in times of accelerating and disruptive change.
  • Scenarios: Building shared commitment to the destiny they wish to create.
  • Strategy: Identifying and aligning the capabilities necessary to support their strategy pathways.

Mark Fowler

I also work as a strategy advisor to a number of high-tech start-up businesses to help develop their business models/strategies and associated equity raising presentations. Two of the most recent projects are:

BlackBoxBackup.co.nz: a leading supplier of wholesale Online Backup services for resellers, system integrators and software partners for New Zealand organisations.
CloudM.co.nz: a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for creating, provisioning and hosting social and mobile apps that build powerful communities where members connect, grow and engage.

I am also a regular guest speaker at industry and customer conferences, on strategic foresight, strategy and future-related subjects. His most recent research and guest speaker presentation subjects have been:

  • Global learning: the coming higher education revolution.
  • Global payment pathways: the future shapers of payment services.
  • How firms use Web 2.0 and Social Media to lower costs, innovate and grow revenue.

I bring a full kitbag of specialist capabilities to every customer engagement:

  • Extensive experience in emerging trends research (lifestyle, business style, technology, sustainability, energy, mobility, society, etc.,).
  • Advanced workshop design and facilitation skills.
  • Strategy techniques including Theory of Constraints, Blue Ocean Strategy and Business Model Generation.
  • Individual and team profiling expertise in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Wilson Learning Behavioural Styles (Analytical, Driver, Expressive, Amiable).
  • Microsoft PowerPointer extraordinaire!

From 1983 to 1998 I held a number of professional and senior management positions within the IBM Corporation in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong.

My wonderful wife Andrea and I are very lucky to have two great kids:  Brooke and Rex.

On the weekends I am a keen fusion-style bush cook , Paua (abalone) diver, and artist (watercolour).


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